Hair and makeup

What Eyeshadow Color is Right for You?

Beautiful blue-eyed woman wearing makeup

Trying to nail the perfect look? Don’t underestimate the power of eye shadow! Choosing the right color depends on your skin tone, eye color, and the type of look you’re going for—everyday, night out, a friend’s wedding, etc. Here are some great tips for picking the right shadow!


  • For blue eyes, create a contrast to make your eyes “pop” by using brown, gray, purple, or pink eyeshadows.
  • Green or pink eyeshadow will make brown eyes pop.
  • For gold-flecked eyes, use a shadow with a gold shimmer to it.
  • Green or hazel eyes really stand out with pink or purple shades and earth tones.
  • Keep in mind what you are wearing—don’t wear an eyeshadow color that will clash with your outfit.
  • Don’t overdo it—sometimes all you need is a slight hint of color to get the effect you want.
  • For a more intense look, use darker, richer colors like brown, grey, or even black.
  • Ashy shades will not show up well on dark skin—use bolder colors instead.
  • If you have light skin, be careful with gray shades—you don’t want to end up looking bruised!
  • For fair skin, sheer shadows look beautiful without being too overpowering.


I hope you enjoyed these tips, good luck achieving your perfect look!


7 Nail Polish Storage Ideas


7 Nail Polish Storage Solutions

If you are one of those women who loves to collect nail polish, then it’s about time that you invest on nail polish storage solutions so that your nail polish collection will remain in good condition. If you cannot think of any storage though, here are seven nail polish storage solutions that you might want to give a try.

Do It Yourself

You do not need to spend for a storage solution for your nail polish because you can actually come up with your own. There are lots of online resources that you can refer to and there are even demonstration videos that will guide you on how you can come up with your own storage boxes for your nail polish collection.

Storage Cubes

If you have some shoe boxes that are no longer in use, you can actually transform them to storage cubes which you can use to store your nail polish collection. You can also buy those clear plastic shoe boxes and make use of it as storage for your nail polish.

Book Shelf

Another creative way to store your vast collection of nail polish is to make use of your unused bookshelf. This is very useful to those who have a wide collection of nail polish because the book shelf could accommodate a large number of nail polishes.

Wall Display

Aside from the bookshelf, you can also make use of your wall display to store your precious nail polish. Aside from keeping your nail polish safe and in good condition, having a wall with colorful nail polishes can actually add up to the overall beauty of your home interiors. So basically, it functions as storage and a decorative piece too.

Nail Polish Rolls

There are products that are called nail polish rolls which you can buy in a department store or through an online store. These are totes which could accommodate your nail polish collection. The great thing about using the nail polish rolls is that it is very portable so you can bring it with you whenever you travel.

Storage Case

If you are someone who travels a lot, yet you want your precious nail polish to stay in good shape, a nail polish storage case is the best investment. It works just like those make up cases where it protects the nail polish and other beauty products from sliding or falling down whenever you carry the case with you. It even looks great and your nail polishes are arranged nicely so it will look presentable.

Fish Bowl

If you have unused fish bowl or glass vases, you can actually convert it to a nail polish storage. This looks really pretty since the nail polishes will be visible from the outside and it will look even more attractive on display if you have a colorful collection of nail polish.




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