6 Tips for Organizing Your Closet


If you’re like me, you love to go shopping, but hate to get rid of any clothes or shoes (I MIGHT wear that again someday!). If that’s the case, chances are your closet is a mess. (Maybe it’s not—kudos to you.) But for the rest of us, here are some great ways to get your closet under control:

#1 Be Seasonal. During the summer, store your winter clothes, and during the winter, store your summer clothes. This will keep them out of the way and free up precious closet and hanger space. You can do the same with shoes!

#2 Invest in a Shoe Rack. Speaking of shoes, if you have more than two pairs, you should probably get a shoe rack. There are many different kinds to fit your needs. It will free up floor space AND make it easier to find the pair you’re looking for!

#3 Pants in Drawers, Tops on Hangers. I used to hang up my pants. I guess this is weird. So in case you’re behind like I am, just FYI your pants will fold and fit nicely in drawers without getting wrinkled (with the exception of dress pants—you might need to hang those). Pants are bulky, so they take up too much closet space if hung.

#4 Mini Bins for Mini Things. Make sure to have spots for all your “small items” like underwear, socks, lingerie, etc. Don’t just toss them all together—find small baskets or bins so each has their own space.

#5 Room For Two. If you share a closet with your significant other, make sure you understand how the space is divided, and respect each other’s space. Work it out between the two of you how it is organized—and try hard not to completely take over.

#6 Say Goodbye. I am a clothes hoarder, but I understand that the truth of the matter is, getting rid of stuff does help you stay organized. I like the “one-year rule”: if you haven’t worn it in a year, YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO WEAR IT. Trust me, it’s true. Time to say goodbye.

Good luck getting organized! And thanks for reading!


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